Introducing The Putz: Punk Rock Pioneers and Ethical Pricing in the Modern Music Industry

Hello everyone,

IBR is back with a new record. This time, it’s a band that’s a new addition to our label, and we’re talking about The Putz. For those who don’t know them, they’re a punk rock band from the American Midwest. Punk rock and the American Midwest might sound like flannel shirts and long beards to many of you, but this trio, going against the grain, plays a direct, no-frills, super melodic punk rock, just the way I like it.

On And Up And Out” is a 7″ that contains 4 songs that fully represent the band’s style. Listen to them and form your own opinion. When good old Henry from Memorable But Not Honorable asked me if I was interested in co-producing the record, honestly, I accepted without thinking twice. And once I listened to it, I was even more convinced and happy to have contributed to the release of this 7″.

The reasons are simple: it’s a band I like – and that’s the main reason for me to produce a record (which in other words means putting up the cash) – and above all, it’s a band that works hard with tours and concerts all over North America. In the end, if the band doesn’t work hard and believe in themselves, why should I believe in them?

Another small digression: let’s talk about 7″s. It’s my favorite format but, let’s be clear, it’s now obsolete and prohibitively expensive for many. They used to be bought/sold easily for 5 euros, but in 2024 it’s impossible to maintain those prices. Many collectors complain – and they are absolutely right – but just do a little research and ask for some quotes to realize that selling a 7″ for 8 euros is an ethically correct price to balance the books as much as possible, without taking advantage of the enthusiasts who still support this small niche of punk rock.

I won’t go on any longer, but I recommend one last time to listen to the EP and form your own opinion, and if you want to support the band and the label, it wouldn’t hurt.

Below you will find some useful links.

On And Up And Out on Spotify

The Putz on Facebook

The Putz on Instagram

Buy “On And Up and Out” from I Buy Records (Europe)

Buy “On And Up and Out” from Memorable But Not Honorable (USA)

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