HEAD Tribute Album – Mom’s Basement Records presents Bonus Tracks and Artwork

Alright folks! This is it, the end of the line on these announcements for the HEAD tribute album. It’s time for the artwork reveal with a bonus announcement of all of the bands that recorded a song for the digital bonus songs. The Lp has 24 songs on it and with the 5 digital bonus bands you’re looking at 29 covers total from 29 killer bands from around the world. Now as far as those bonus bands go, we’re looking at the following bands.

The Tarleks
The Merinuks
Hateful Julie
The Damones
Black Russians

How about that artwork? It was done by none other than the super talented Jake Sauer. We’re gonna throw up a preorder on Monday 8/26 that will run until Monday 9/2. This will be the time to get your color vinyl or a collector nerd bundle, the color vinyl is limited to 100 copies of each and they will surely go quickly.

Thanks to all of the bands involved and to our partners in crime over at I Buy Records for doing all of these fun announcements for us.

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