The Lillingtons – The Backchannel Broadcast


The Lillingtons are best known for their catchy tunes about the paranormal, but 20 years ago they surprised us all with the release of The Backchannel Broadcast, an album of high adventure with songs about the Wild West and Russian Spies. After a 15+ year absence from the vinyl landscape, this rock masterpiece returns thanks to your friends at Red Scare Industries.

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  • 1.Final Transmission
  • 2.Mindcontrol
  • 3.The Kids
  • 4.El Pamino
  • 5.Dynomite
  • 6.Mr. So & So
  • 7.One Armed Man
  • 8.Danger Lights
  • 9.Blue Steal
  • 10.Wait It Out
  • 11.Santa Fe-0
  • 12.Thunderball
  • 13.The Russians Are Coming
  • 14.Wrecking Ball
  • 15.Badman With the Devil’s Hand
  • 16.Six Ways to Die


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Dimensions 33 × 33 × 1 cm

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