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Welcome to the UK version of the third Mikey Erg album. His self titled & self-proclaimed “return to punk”.
So what makes this different from the existing US version of the album? With sleeve art honouring The Clash’s self titled debut, Mikey followed their lead by adding something extra when the album was released across the pond. Firstly, it includes an extra song as well as a slightly reworked song order & a couple of little tweaks to some of some songs from the US pressing. It also features slightly different sleeve artwork (again in homage to the debut Clash album) and has been cut at 45rpm for maximum sound quality. But these differences aside, it’s still essentially the same record and it sees Mikey return to his roots, mixing his classic pop punk stylings with heavy distorted guitars and melodies. Everything you loved about 90’s punk rock is alive and well in these 11 songs.
Mikey is probably most well known for drumming & singing in The Ergs but he has been involved in such projects as The Measure [sa], Star Fucking Hipsters, The Slow Death, House Boat, Dirt Bike Annie, and Worriers (to name just a few). He also spent time in the house band for the Chris Gethard TV show and he’s worked with every important punk rock label in the last two decades. This new record is a culmination of all of those things and it’s Mikey’s strongest and catchiest material to date. Oh, and did I mention it was mixed by Stephen Egerton of the Descendents / ALL? Brassneck is lucky and honoured to have Mikey aboard.
This is the UK/Euro pressing.

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11 track LP on either Red Vinyl (166 copies) or Khaki Splatter Vinyl (372 copies).

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