The Creeps and DeeCRACKS Live at Punk Rock Raduno

Hello punkrockers, times are tough but here I am to cheer you up. Together with the nice fellas at Punk Rock Raduno and Mr. Nate at Hey Pizza Records we are gonna release two live albums by two super bands: The Creeps from Canada and DeeCRACKS from Austria.

Both bands don’t need presentation and they are with no doubt between the people I love the most in our scene, so glad I can call friends. Preorders open NOW, release day is 2nd April for both. Each label involved will have an exclusive color, as much as you can, please support each part involved.

If you already pre-ordered the debut album of this incredible band from Michigan you should have received an email regarding the late. Because of the Covid and the Brexit the parcel coming from the USA is still trapped in UK.
I tried my best to push for a quick delievery but there’s nothing I can do except waiting. And hoping. The courier just said so. So I do. Just in case you are tired of the long wait, just drop me a line and we’re gonna work it out.
There are few copies still available before the sold-out. I would say tenish.
…and if you’re still not familiar with the band you can listen to their debut album on bandcamp.

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