Work Harder, Not Smarter Out Now!

Hello punk rockers, Exciting news!

In partnership with Memorable But Not Honorable Records, we’re thrilled to announce the release of The Carmines highly anticipated album. I have absolute confidence in both the album and the band’s talent. Last summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Nate Roberts at Punk Rock Raduno, and he’s the coolest guy you could ever meet. He’s even promised to teach me how to surf next summer!

Let’s give a high-five to Nate and the entire band! Make sure to give the album a listen and consider buying the record if you enjoy it.

You can stream the entire album here:

The Carmines – Work Harder, Not Smarter available at:

(USA) – Memorable But Not Honorable

(Canada) – Forbidden Beat

In 2023, I have to admit that I Buy Records has not been very active. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, I changed jobs with new and many commitments, and the impact was not very easy, given that I had to start from scratch. However, in 2024, I must say it will be a very important year. I am working on various releases, a tour, and much more, so I commit to updating the website more frequently and also the news section, always related to my activities. Oh, I almost forgot. I have updated the record shop section. In addition to making the new Carmines album available, I have uploaded over a hundred new albums from the best American labels and lowered the prices of many albums. Take a look! Until next time!

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