Special: Monster Zero Summer Mash

Hey punk-rockers! 
next weekend there will be the Monster Zero Summer Mash, we decided to make a special post, asking a couple of questions to all the bands involved. Here is the timetable (more info here) of the MZSM and the questions. Read and enjoy!
Friday 11th July
Teenage Bubblegums 20:30 – 21:00 (tiki stage)
Riccobellis 21:15 – 21:45 (tiki stage)
Tough 22:00 – 22:30 (Goomba stage)
The Apers 22:45 – 23:15 (Goomba stage)
23:30 – 02:00 AM Monster Zero DJ Set
Saturday 12th July
Ratbones 16:00 – 16:30 (tiki stage)
On My Arms 16:45 – 17:15 (tiki stage)
The 3 Slugs 17:30 – 18:00 (tiki stage)
The Nuts 18:15 – 18:45 (tiki stage)
The Bat Bites 19:30 – 20:15 (tiki stage)
The Griswalds 20:30 – 21:15 (tiki / Goomba stage)
The Mugwumps 21:30 – 22:15 (Goomba stage)
The Manges 22:30 – 23:15 (Goomba stage)
1 – Could you shortly present your band?                                                              
2 – What the Ramones mean for you?                                                                    
3 – What are your expectations from the Monster Zero Summer Mash?                                      
4 – Thanks for the answers, where we can listen your music? Could you give us your contacts? Gabba Gabba!



1 – We are The Manges from La Spezia, we play punk rock music, we released a good bunch of records and played with many of our favorite bands.
2 – They’re the greatest rock’n’roll band of all times and being fans of the Ramones made us who we are today.
3 – We’re gonna meet a lot of friends and watch them all perform cool shows.
4 – www.manges.it, thank you!


you can read a full interview with Kevin here.


1 – Hi! We’re THE MUGWUMPS!  We‘re Andi (drums), Hank (bass) and Chris
(guitar, vocals).
First Show on Halloween 2002! Since that we  did some records, been quite active and also very inactive! Especially between
2009 – 2013! We’re, geeks, collect records and we like to watch TV! But we’re  nice! Andi likes Metal!! Our music could probably best described as a mix of  Screeching Weasel and Head!!
2 – I think it’s pretty obvious that they mean a lot! Fav band of all 3 of us!!
3 – Pretty high temperature, meeting (old) friends, world cup talk and some bad jokes about my new haircut!! I really hope that there will be some people who enjoy our set!!
4 – You can listen to our music next Saturday at the MZSummer Mash!! We don’t have facebook, bandcamp etc. …but we have a  website: www.the-mugwumps.at ! There  is some contact info and a  few mp3s! If you have any other questions,just drop us a line!!


1- Hi! We are Teenage Bubblegums, an Italian power punk rock trio since 2007. We all dress in black, playing fast, no stops and love songs only.
2- Are u kiddin’ me? Ramones saved our lives.
3- We are really happy to play again at the MZM. It’s a hell of party. You know, what happens at MZM stays at MZM.
4- You can listen our music at teenagebubblegums.bandcamp.com, and you can contact us at teenagebubblegums@gmail.com or at www.facebook.com/teenagebubblegums . See you at the mash, join us for aperitivo and get in the mood! Thank you for your questions. Really appreciate it.


1 – Hi guys, we are Tough from Piacenza\Milan, we play fast, straight and simple three chords punk rock.
2 – The Ramones mean life.
3 – We are so excited for the release of our brand new 7” called ”Obey the Ramones”, and we will play for the first time the new tunes. We wanna rock and we wanna party very hard!
4 – You can reach us on facebook and bandcamp, you will find our very beautiful stuff!!! 😉


1 – Us Griswalds are – Steve Legend on Guitar/Vocals, Ben Nuthink on Bass/Vocals and Daz Reject on Drums/Backing Vocals.  We’ve been doing this Ramones fast Punk Rock since 1995!
2 – The Ramones for me (Steve Legend) we’re who got me into what we often call Pop Punk.  Back when I was a teenager I was a bit of a Metaller but discovered the Ramones through their Loco Live album.  I just loved the simple catchy power they gave off with songs that you could sing along too but also go crazy too.  I also loved how they didn’t stop too!  I was lucky enough that I got to see them 3 times live and it was always amazing, would make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as soon as they played The Good, The Bad and The Ugly before coming out and blowing everyone away!  We got to support Dee Dee back in 1996 too which was incredible.  From way back then I’ve just loved that 3 chord power “Pop” Punk.
3 – The Monster Zero Mash will be like all the others – Kick-Ass of course!!  Just a bit hotter cos it’s July and in Italy!  Whoop!
…and of course you can buy our newest LP through MZ!!
Thanks again, Legend!


1 – We are the Bat Bites. Creatures of the Night, all dressed up in black and white. We are villains of punk rock, play catchy tunes with a little bite. We love to party with our friends and dance and drink with them all night!
2 – The Ramones always have been a huge inspiration for us. We love them. It will always be our favorite band.
3 – We hope to hang out with many of our friends, see many good bands and enjoy some sun.
4 – Our first two EP’s are available on bandcamp. We have a new record coming out on the 5th of september.  There’s a teaser song for the album available on youtube.
You can always contact us through Facebook!
Cheers and thanks!
Merel 🙂


1 – We’re the Riccobellis, a punk rock band from Brescia Italy, deeply influenced by the Ramones and deeply in love with everything about punk rock.
2 – They just were, are and will always be the greatest band in the world.
3 – It’s gonna be a great weekend, so…  huge fun, wild party all night long and we’ll try to contribute to keep the Ramones spirit alive for these two days of punk rock madness.
4 – You can find our songs on youtube and riccobellis.bandcamp.com . Thank you.


01 – Hi! We’re the Nuts!
Our band it’s formed by me, Vale (lead singer-bass), Davide (guitar- chorus) and Palmina (drums-chorus) Me and Davide are friends since a long time and used to play together some years ago in a never-known punk rock band called The Sockets. We never really gave up our will to put a band together so after meeting Palmina (ex Photogenics – Coco’s)  we thought to give ourselves a second try.. And..  Here we are!
02 – Well.. This surely will be the most obvious answer ever. They are the band I never get tired to listen to. They are the band that touches me the most. They were the first band who put together the coolest things that music can transmit: energy and powerfull mixed to catchy melody.. In their own and unique way. They are pure rock’n’roll. And of course my favourite band of all times.
03 – Honestly I don’t have any real expectation.. Except of course having fun and party with all the people down there! I personally love the MZM a lot and it’s one of my favourite event of the year.. I would have gone there anyway.. but since we are gonna play there too it’s gonna be even more fun!!
04 – You’ll be able to listen to us soon – not now unluckly – cause our first 7″ will be out after summer.. But just in case you want to hear us sooner.. Just come to Monster Zero Summer Fest! You can follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/Thenutspunkrock  or on twitter at https://twitter.com/thenutspunkrock


1 – We’re a punk rock band based in Venice. We’re together since 2011 and back in that year we recorded our first demo “Ready to Go“. Our sound is influenced by historical bands such as Ramones and Riverdales, but also by the more recent Teenage Bottlerocket.
2 – They are the best band of the world, we’re grateful to them. Every time we hit the stage we keep in mind the words of Dee Dee The Ramones saved my life. Without the Ramones would have died a million times“.
3 – We’re really happy to be part of this amazing festival. It doesn’t happen every week to play with the bands you love and party with them. we will do our best to make this festival epic.  The scene in Italy exists and is pretty cool, and is a huge opportunity to have the Monster Zero Mash in Italy this year.
4-Check us out here! http://onmyarms.bandcamp.com
Our contacts are:  facebook.com/onmyarmspunkrock or Ale: 347/0480236


1 – The command was officially founded in the back of a skate shop in 2003 by a group of three veterans of different wars fought during the 90s for peace, freedom and for the glory of the Ramones. Many fighters have come and gone in recent years, some have fallen on the field, other honorably discharged, today things are like this: Cap: Guitar and vocals, Andre Monelli Bass and 1-2-3-4, Pablo Ratòn: drums
2 – It is very hard to explain because the Ramones are an other plan than any other band but if I had to say it in few words I would probably say that they are dealing with something like “life is not so disgusting, you can always go home and put on leave home and say sayonara to all
3 – Social forums, petitions to save the whales, open debates, political forums, non alcoholic beer, posers and upstrokes guitars. Removed these things, we expect everything else.
4 – You can listen our stuff here ratbones.bandcamp.com and follow us through our facebook page www.facebook.com/ratbonespunkrock, see you all sociopathics next weekend!
Cheers, Cap.


1 – We started playing few months ago. We are the first all filipino band who played punk rock here in italy.
2 – They are the GODS.
3 – To enjoy and have some fun playing rock n roll.
4 – Sorry. We have no records. Here is our facebook page www.facebook.com/the3slugs


Intervista alla Monster Zero Records

[A] – Ciao Kevin, come stai? Come va lì al quartier generale della Monster Zero?

[K] – Ciao Andrea, tutto bene qui, sono molto occupato con le preparazioni del Monster Zero Summer Mash a Bergamo per la prossima settimana. E certamente sto guardando la Coppa del Mondo!
[A] – Sei ben conosciuto per essere il cantante/bassista degli Apers ma tutti sanno che gestisci anche una label chiamata Monster Zero Records, nata nel 2007. Come ti è venuta in mente questa idea? Chi gestisce la MZR con te?
[K] – In realtà è iniziato tutto con una festa chiamata il Monster Zero Mash. Subito dopo mi resi conto che Banana Brain dei Mugwumps era stato pubblicato solo su vinile, quindi gli chiesi se potevo pubblicarlo in CD. In questo modo abbiamo iniziato! Oltre a me, c’è mia sorella Kim che mi aiuta con ogni cosa. Merel dei Bat Bites si prende cura degli artwork, Ivo Backbreaker degli Apers le dà una mano oltre a prendersi cura del sito web e della newsletter. Anche Ox degli Accelerators, Stefan della Stardumb e molti altri sono sempre lì ad aiutarmi quando ne ho bisogno.
[A] – La Monster Zero Records è sicuramente una delle label punk rock più attraenti in Europa. Quali sono i parametri che una band deve rispettare per potersi unire alla famiglia della MZ? Come lavorate con le band? Nuove release all’orizzonte?
[K] – Pfff, la cosa più importante è che mi devono piacere le band, la loro musica e la gente che ci suona. Questa è la base. E’ il mio personale Pokemon del punkrock, devo collezionarli tutti! Sono orgoglioso di poter chiamare tutte le band nella label miei amici. Ecco perchè a volte siamo poco-professionali, ma siamo fatti in questo modo. E si, abbiamo molte nuove release in arrivo! Abbiamo appena pubblicato il nuovo disco dei Windowsill e c’è nuovo materiale in lavorazione dei Bat Bites, Maladroit, Not Scientists, 7Years Bad Luck e The Apers!
[A] – Qual è la tua release preferita di sempre?
[K] – Mi piacciono tutte nella stessa maniera!
[A] – Ok, parliamo un po’ del Monster Zero Mash. Che cosa ci puoi dire al riguardo? Quali sono i tuoi ricordi preferiti riguardo tutte le edizioni passate del MZM?
[K] – Ad essere onesto, non ricordo tantissimo eheheh. Tutte le edizioni sono state speciali. Le prime sono state a Rotterdam al Waterfront, The Watt e The Exit. E’ stato gradioso, emozionante. Rotterdam è una grande città e in quel periodo la scena stava esplodendo. Anche ad Innsbruck è stato bello, per ben tre volte. La divisione punk rock belga è venuta in macchina fin qui 3 volte e proprio mandato giù il posto. Tutte le band, tutti i post-concerti. E’ punkrock ed è divertente.
[A] – Fra un paio di settimane, per la prima volta, ci sarà un edizione estiva del MZM. Perchè in Italia? Ci ami? 🙂 Quali sono le tue aspettative al riguardo?
[K] – Si, AMO l’Italia! Era da un po’ che  parlavo con Franz della Otis Booking di fare una festa in Italia e finalmente ci siamo decisi a farlo. Mi aspetto che sia divertente e spero che molti punkrockers italiani verranno a supportare le band italiane ed europee che lavorano duramente anche per supportare la scena. Oltre a questo spero di ubriacarmi e magari fumare un po’ d’erba!
[A] – Quali sono i piani delle due serate?
[K] – Gruppi, birra, Dj e fare festa! Sabato ci sarà anche qualcosa di acustico, quindi inizieremo per le 2 di pomeriggio più o meno. Rock N Roll Non-stop!
[A] – Potresti spendere due parole riguardo alla band coinvolte nel festival?
[K] – Uh, le amo! La maggior parte di queste band le ho viste molte volte. Sono molto emozionato anche riguardo band come i Nuts, Ratbones, On My Arms e 3Slugs che rappresentano la scena italiana poppunk emergente. Veterani come i Manges, Griswalds e Tough o nomi nuovi come Murderburgers, Riccobellis e Bat Bites, o il grande ritorno dei Mugwumps e questi idioti degli Apers. Sarà leggendario!
[A] – Qui ad I Buy Records, siamo malati di Ramones, quindi dobbiamo chiederti qualcosa riguardo la nostra band preferita. Qual è il tuo primo ricordo legato ai Ramones?
[K] – Nel 1995 ero in vacanza negli USA e presi una copia di End of The Century. Subito dopo formai gli Apers. Nel 1996 Marien Nicotine, Ivo Backbreaker ed io andammo ad Amsterdam per vederli nel tour di Adios Amigos. Il nostro primo concerto fu un mese dopo ad un festival di cover dei Ramones.
[A] – Una domanda extra che non interesserà ai punk-rockers ma a me si. Chi vincerà i mondiali di calcio? Per favore, no essere patriottico!
[K] – Mentre parliamo sto guardando una partita, e spero davvero che l’Olanda vincerà la Coppa. Fino ad adesso nessun altra squadra mi ha davvero impressionato ma di sicuro Germania, Francia, Brasile e Argentina sono davvero delle ottime squadre.
[A] – Ok, Kevin è giunto il momento di lasciarti andare, grazie per il tempo speso per rispondere alle nostre domande. Sentiti libero di dire quello che vuoi! Ci vediamo presto, Gabba Gabba!
[K] – Venite a fare festa con noi all’Edonè, Bergamo l’11/12 Luglio al Monster Zero Summer Mash. Thepunkrockdontstop! E date un’occhiata al nostro negozio on-line Monster Zero Records.

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