VV. AA. – Joe Sang Us A Song


This here is a 16 song punk rock compilation featuring songs that Joe Queer sang on. Whether it be with his own band the Queers or guest vocals by bands like The Manges, The Riptides and many more. And yes, these songs are in that same Ramonescore style.

It comes in random-colored vax.

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1.Flanders 72 – Totally Right
2.Regal Beagle – Summertime
3.The Taxis – Fantasy
4.The Queers – About the She (J Church cover)
5.The Manges – I Hate Rats
6.The Huntingtons – Don’t Beat Me Up
7.The Riptides – Surfers Are Back
8.The Queers – This Sandal Shit Has Gotta Stop
9.Mach Pelican – King Of The Surf
10.The Huntingtons – At The Beach
11.The Jizz Kids – Hardrock Boy
12.The Riptides – China Doll
13.The Manges – You Don’t Wanna Be Like Me
14.The Fairmounts – 6 Out of 10
15.Going Places – Can’t Get A Girl? Kill Yourself
16.The Queers – The Kids Are Alright

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