Volkov – Fat, Rich And Sad/Snowball Fights And Hockey Sticks


Another band has joined IBR family, we are pleased to announce that Volkov from Russia ( is that right?). After a 7″ and a split with big brothers MEGA (both releases are sold-out!), this is their debut LP. The album is full of things like a russian conspiracy themed-song, nonsensical stories, nostalgic tracks and classic love songs, Volkov is dropping 10 fast and catchy bombs for your ears.
The album is available on vinyl and CD. Each format has a different artwork and a different title. Why? Because Volkov loves the cover art and titles for both so why go with just one?

Side note: i also play bass in this band, don’t you want to support me?



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Weight 0.355 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 2 cm