The Visitors – Yeti


Yeti is the second full length album and first It’s Alive release from this Ottawa, Ontario pop punk band. THE VISITORS’ songs are all about their travels to places on the globe near and far and the adventures had and creatures met along the way. We’re talking about sliding down glaciers, surfing, getting lost and burning shit with Yetis, Sasquatch, unicorns, witches and Vlad, man! It’s all set to steady boppin’ pop punk beat with killer lead vocals shared by all three members – one female and two male – that all kick serious ass. Throw in a little heavy metal guitar shredding, all-down-strokin’ power drive, and a monstrous display of hooks and that pretty much sums this album up. Like many bands from Ottawa, THE VISITORS share members with other local greats. In this case it’s Skottie on lead vocals and guitar who also plays and sings for THE CREEPS and CRUSADES. There’s definitely something in the water up there


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