School Damage – Hello, Cruel World

Hey punkrockers, open your ears IBR goes international! This is our 10th release and there is not a better way to celebrate than introducing to our family our lovely friends from Toronto, School Damage!
As you may know, School Damage are a party-hard-raw-pop-punk-power band from Toronto and Hello, Cruel World is their long awaited 2nd full length. The formula didn’t change a bit: “Fast, fun and fucked up” like we all love. Fucking Rights!
If you invite them to your party, you better hide your beers, or your guests will be drinking tap water. Trust me.
Fans of Dillinger Four, Ramones, Screeching Weasel and Off With Their Heads will dig.
In collaboration with Rad Girlfriend Records (USA) and Candy Brain (Canada).


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A1 – Bastard Case
A2 – I Don’t Like What I’ve Became
A3 – Thin Skin
A4 – Your Generation
A5 – I Seen You In The Obits
A6 – We’re Dying, Dudes
B1 – After The Green Rush
B2 – Six Degrees of Kevin Birger
B3 – Stranger Fruit
B4 – Bad Mood Rising
B5 – You Remind Me
B6 – Foreing Policy

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