School Damage – Battered Lives


Despite lyrical themes bordering on self-deprecation, what’s apparent from the outset is that School Damage’s sound is not at all flabby.
Battered Lives is smart and often catchy pop punk, and while School Damage seem intent on embracing the messiness of adulthood, they could stand to also embrace more of that messiness in their songwriting. The three-piece are sharper than ever, and on the highlights of Battered Lives, they explore stylistic flourishes that push the material into truly inspired territory.


Battered Lives by School Damage

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01 – Colour Me Regressed
02 – Not My Problem
03 – You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out
04 – Dead Weight
05 – Why I Hate October 8th
06 – Finding Love In The Creepiest Places
07 – Tales Of The Dude Cave
08 – GImme Gimme A.A.
09 – Frig Off, Bud
10 – Eight More Days
11 – The Ice Is Thin But The Water’s Fine
12 – Detroit Rock Shitty
13 – Eviction Notice

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