Proton Packs – Conspiracy ’66

Proton Packs – Conspiracy ’66


The mighty Proton Packs are back with a brand new record! 12 tracks of pure punk-rock with a conspiracy/ espionage theme! Released on Mom's Basement Records in the US and Commando Records in Italy. If you are looking for good punk rock album to kick back and enjoy be sure to grab yourself a copy!


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A1 This Plan Cannot Fail
A2 Phantom Vision
A3 Acid Test Gone Bad
A4 Obey The Trapezoid
A5 Top Secret Secret
A6 Lockheed 71
B1 Tin Foil Hat Man
B2 Real Identity (feat. Jimmy Vapid)
B3 Luna Nine
B4 Secret Handshake
B5 Cold War Extravaganza
B6 Conspiracy ’66

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Weight 355 g
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 2 cm