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Is it possible in our tiny community there’s even a person that still ignore who the NECK are? Well, don’t worry. We’ve a solution. A special bundle is available for you, my friend! Get both NECK LPs and you can save 6 euro!

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1 x NECK - You Don't Think It's Evil

USA has HEAD, Canada has NECK! Hell yeah, The fabulous Ottawa trio is back with a brand new LP, 10 songs, quick, fast, direct and flippant like we all love. No time for bullshit, just for fast punk rock! Available in green vax.

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1 x NECK - Hate To Read

Canadian answer to the mighty HEAD. Hate to Read is a concise 24 track records consisting of one minute, head-banging, energetic rippers with heavy doses of raw, punk-rock nostalgia. If you are into old-school punk rock,  you gotta buy this amazing record. Black vax. STREAMING Hate to Read by NECK

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