Horror Section / Eaten Back To Life – Split In Two


Horror Section has returned with a new set of classic punk tunes! Keeping with the theme of their debut record, the songs play like the punk rock soundtrack to a drive-in slasher flick – a toxic sonic blend of the Ramones and Freddie Krueger. And this time, they brought friends along. EATEN BACK TO LIFE, veteran fiends of the St. Louis punk scene, offer up similar classic punk style, but with a rougher, edgier vocal style reminiscent of Ryan Young (Off With Their Heads) and Patrick Costello (Dillinger Four).

On “Split In Two,” each band delivers 5 expertly executed punk rock homages to their favorite 80s horror flicks. From Reanimator to Phantasm, Horror Section and Eaten Back to Life breath new life into the movie maniacs we all believed long dead.

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