Freddie And The Vangrails – Almost Really Care!!!!


Old school Belgium punkrock from Kortrijk, home of the Pits. Featuring the legendary Wim Retard from High Heel Slut! FFO old Queers, Zeke, Loudmouths, Hot Rod Honeys, Antiseen, Cocksparrer and so on. Limited Edition of 200 on translucent blue vinyl. Hand numbered hand stamped.


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A1 – Crash
A2 – The Beast In Me
A3 – Howlin’ Hot Dog
A4 – Nancy You’re A Sqaure
A5 – Simba Is Full Of Shit
A6 – Nazi Cunt
A7 – Where’s The Phone
B1 – Thee Holy Shits
B2 – Broken Rabbit Blues
B3 – CRS
B4 – Attack Of The Vangrails
B5 – Wedding In Vegas
B6 – Neo 60’s Gestapo
B7 – 2 Days 2 Times Fucked
B8 – Kill The Bee Gees

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Weight 355 g
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 2 cm