DeeCRACKS – Totally Cracked! LP

DeeCRACKS – Totally Cracked! LP


Out January 20th 2017 on BETWEEN THE DAYS RECORDS in the USA with European distro by the fine folks at STRIPED MUSIC. Remastered with new, updated artwork by Alex Mahola of SCREEN ADDICTS, compiling the Totally Cracked EP, Beach 90 7″ and a cover of The King Kong Stomp, which were all recorded in 2007 and released in 2009. This limited release on vinyl tells the story of having to rename the band from the Cretins to DeeCRACKS and losing 2 members in the process.


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01 – My baby quit rehab
02 – I killed my TV set
03 – Turn up your radio
04 – Beach 90
05 – Give a lil’ love
06 – She’s electrifying
07 – She’s gonna kill you
08 – Vw t4
09 – Whatever happened to my brain
10 – Don’t talk to me
11 – King Kong stomp

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