AA. VV. – The Punkrock Don’t Stop – The Apers Tribute Compilation


The Apers are definitely one of the most influential european punk rock band ever, you can see it from the top-quality bands that decided to pay homage to the dutch band leaded by Kevin (v)Aper!


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1 Numskull Principal’s Daughter
2 Travoltas All You Need To Know
3 The Zatopeks Only The Grim Reaper
4 The Battledykes I Hate Guys With Girlfriends
5 The Steinways Really Really
6 Supermarket & Andrea Manges It’s You (Ever Since)
7 The Accelerators Wanna Go
8 The Ritalins Giving Up, Caving In
9 Sonic Dolls I’ve Fallen
10 The Leftovers Do You Remember How I Cried
11 Random Heroes Too Many Backpacks At The Show
12 Sugus Evi
13 The Ergs! It’s OK To Hate Me
14 The Popsters Spend Your Weekends With Me
15 The Unlovables Please Don’t Change
16 The 20Belows No One Is Getting Out Here Alive
17 The Mugwumps You Think You’re So Damn Funny
18 The Copyrights Lillian

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