HEAD Tribute Album – Mom’s Basement Records presents Prozacs

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for another band announcement for the upcoming HEAD tribute album. This time we’re gonna keep it local and talk about the Massachusetts legends “The Prozacs” They’ve been around for a long while now and have recorded tons of full lengths, Eps and splits over the years and show no signs of slowing down.

He enlisted some help from a young punk rocker in training to start off their awesome version of “Taking a Peek” They kept it true to form for their cover and that’s a great thing bc HEAD is one of the best bands ever right? Right. Here is what Jay had to say about the legends from Seattle “I first heard Head in 2005 from a CD discography given to me by Craig Lebowski (Now of The Suck) while staying in his apartment on a tour date. Fun, unabashed and raw Ramones influenced punk. I chose to do Taking A Peek, because I just think it’s a hilarious song!

You can hear the Prozacs and many more of the best punk rock bands on the upcoming HEAD tribute album which will be out towards the end of the summer!

HEAD Tribute Album – Mom’s Basement Records presents The Mugwumps

It’s a new week and it’s time for a new band announcement for the upcoming HEAD tribute album. We’re very pleased to have The Mugwumps from Austria on the tribute. The Mugwumps are one of the best bands from Europe and as you know from the tribute to the Manges that we released last year they do some killer covers.

Chris had this to say about the almighty HEAD “We love HEAD! And they are most likely our biggest influence right after the Ramones! There’s not a single HEAD song we don’t like, so we tried to choose one we thought we can play. 10 years ago we thought that tune is too slow…now we accidentally recorded it even slower. Sorry…we hope you don’t mind!”

The Mugwumps covered my (John) 2nd favorite HEAD song “Calvin and Susie” and they were the perfect band to cover it. Stay tuned for more band announcements. We’re not even half way through the bands yet and this thing is already shaping up to be one of the best tributes ever.

HEAD Tribute Album – Mom’s Basement Records presents Proton Packs

Moving right along with the HEAD tribute band announcements. We’re back with another Italian Band on the comp (half of the Mom’s Basement Records roster is from Italy so Is that a surprise at all?) we’re very pleased to announce that the Proton Packs from Siena, Italy is on the tribute comp! They are hard at work on their 4th full length Lp which will be out next year on the label.

Proton Packs chose “Gladys Kravitz” for their contribution and they had this to say about the mighty HEAD.

HEAD are an anomaly. In a pop punk world largely dominated by fake drum tracks, overdubs, studio gimmicks and autotune, they unapologetically continue to exist and play their own askew and unpolished brand of “street rock”, which is equal part garage punk and Ramonescore. Their lyrics are at times goofy and at times subtle. Their melodies are weird and unforgettable. That’s why we love them. We have no idea how they came up with this strange formula, and probably neither do they. They just do their thing and they don’t give a shit. And not giving a shit is as punk rock as punk rock gets”.

Their contribution is yet another killer on an album full of em, this makes 6 out of 24 announced. Stay tuned for another announcement in a couple days and more cool news to.

HEAD Tribute Album – Mom’s Basement Records presents Johnny Terrien And The Bad Lieutenants

The last band announcement of this week is one that we’ve been wanting to work with for a while now and we’re very stoked to have them on the comp. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants are from Ontario, Canada and have been around for quite some time. They are HEAD fanatics just like us so they are right at home on the tribute compilation.

If you’re not familiar with them than you need to go out and check them out bc they are one of the best bands out of our neighbors in the north and are amazing. The almighty Vapids covered one of their songs so that’s saying something. The band even has a HEAD cover band called “Powerfist” so you know they belong here. They covered “Magic 8-Ball for the tribute comp and Joe from the band had this to say “It was probably the spring/summer of ’95. A bunch of records showed up in the mail that I had ordered from a label in Massachusetts called Skull Duggery. One of those records was HEAD’s Street Level Assault EP which was purchased on a hunch. Hearing Tireshredding knocked me on the floor! The whole record still blows my mind. We started our band immediately after hearing it. Still waiting to hear back from Ree Ree after sending him a demo tape all of those years ago!

Have a great weekend everyone and you can look forward to more announcements next week and a couple of other surprises.

HEAD Tribute Album – Mom’s Basement Records presents Geoff Palmer

Happy Monday everyone, we’re back today with another band announcement for the upcoming HEAD tribute. We are very pleased to announce that New England’s resident punk rock superstar Geoff Palmer is on the tribute comp!

He has been busy lately with his debut ep “This Ones Gonna Be Hot” and his debut full length “Pulling Out All Of The Stops” both of which were released on Stardumb Records a little while ago.

While he had help from all of the heavy hitters from that area (the legendary B-face on bass and Brad Marino on drums). They knocked out his killer cover of “Always Know Your Enemies (Better Than Your Friends)“.

Geoff has this to say about it “HEAD! I’m not going to play Mr. old-school here. Full transparency I figured out who HEAD was because of Ben Weasel. 95 or 96 ish, Ben said something about them in an interview or I saw a picture of him with a HEAD shirt on. Either way that set me out on the search, I needed to hear this band. It took months, but I ended up with a few songs on a homemade cassette comp. I sure felt cool. Years later, my band, The Connection played in Seattle. We had B-face playing bass for us on that little run of shows. Of course, he’s friends with them, so Touch came to the show, I sure felt cool. Now I’m on a HEAD tribute LP, is that cool? Are tribute albums cool, should I again feel cool? Yes, it is cool, and I’m pumped that Moms Basement records included me on this. I guess it boils down to a straightforward scientifically proven concept……HEAD is cool”. Stay tuned for more announcements this week and get ready for Geoff Palmer and 23 other killer bands to knock your socks off on the HEAD tribute comp!

HEAD Tribute Album – Mom’s Basement Records presents DeeCRACKS

We’re down to less than two weeks and the Punk Rock Raduno starts. I’m really thrilled about the idea. Every Punk Rocker from Europe waits all year long for those 4 days. It’s a long party with your best friends from other countries. Anyway, why are we talking about Punk Rock Raduno? Well, it’s because today we are gonna announce DeeCracks from Vienna, Austria are not only officially the first band to play for a second year at the raduno but they are also one of the many killer bands on the HEAD tribute!There are not many things to say about DeeCracks, I’m pretty sure that everybody that is reading this post knows them well enough, I could tell you that I personally really love these guys for many reasons first of all because they are good friends and I have lots of good memories related with them. Including my first show booked in Milan since I moved here, even before IBR was born.What did DeeCracks have to say about HEAD? “We absolutely love pure, energetic, straight up rock ‘n’ roll played by bands with an uncompromising down to Earth attitude! HEAD was always very inspiring to us for doing and being just that! Heil HEAD”The song they picked for the tribute comp is “Killed By Death” which is the B-side from the 2007 ep “Spend the night alone” 7”. Deecracks are another one of the many reasons that the HEAD tribute comp is going to blow you away this summer. Stay tuned for more band announcements over the next few weeks!

HEAD Tribute Album – Mom’s Basement Records presents The SUCK

Its a new week and here we are announcing the third band that is a part of the HEAD tribute. After introducing the Isotopes from Canada and MEGA from Italy, now it’s time for the SUCK, all the way from USA. I want to say a few words about them. In my humble opinion, this is the band that most fits in this tribute as they define themselves as a Street Rock band, a term proudly used by the mighty HEAD, you can easily see the connection.

As you probably had noticed through their non-stop (relentless) promotion on Facebook and Instagram (I would hire them as social media managers of my bands/label!!) they just released a new album IN-COG-NEAT-O ( one copy left here) that so far is definitely one of the most interesting records out in 2019. And it’s almost unbelievable to me! Why? Because these guys mostly live in different States, probably have no time to practice songs or have band practices And if you ever had a band you know that this is very VERY important. Thumbs up for the SUCK.
Anyway, what song did they pick? Here is what they had to say “picking a favourite HEAD song is an impossible task, we picked No one likes a snitch because Jimmy Vapid wanted to do it”. And I’m pretty sure Jimmy approves of their contribution.


HEAD Tribute Album – Mom’s Basement Records presents MEGA

Our lovely friends at Mom’s Basement Records recently announced that during Punk Rock Raduno, you can find a very limited amount of special “Punk Rock Raduno” edition mixed color test presses of the HEAD tribute, it’s very true my friends. So that means basically four things:

  1. We must announce all the bands before the festival starts
  2. I don’t know how many of these test-presses exist, but I’m sure that you must be fast to grab your copy before they are sold out
  3. They are mixed color test presses meaning that you’ll be one of a small group of lucky people who will have a copy of the record a couple months in advance before the actual release of the record.
  4. You can only get them from the I BUY RECORDS tent.

Anyway, it’s time to announce another band, today’s pick is MEGA, one of my favourite punk rock bands from Italy. I’m pretty sure that if you follow IBR you know this band, we’ve talked about them many times and I’m sure that you remember they already gave their contribution for the Manges tribute.

Is covering a HEAD song with their style a possibility? Yes it is, and they are gonna show everyone with their cover of “They used to call them bums“, which is the closing track on the A-Side of No Hugging No Learning.
Mega had this to say about HEADIt’s definitely not easy playing rad like the Ramones, it’s even harder doing it the HEAD way. They’re the best 90s Seattle Rock Act… Nevermind“.
And we believe them.


HEAD Tribute Album – Mom’s Basement Records presents The Isotopes

As you may have heard, there were rumors running around the net about a new Tribute album being released by Mom’s Basement Records. We spread the news months ago with a very DIY video clip that you can watch here:

But it’s finally time to give you more details about upcoming tribute album. Well, the band is HEAD from Seattle, WA.. Oh, Seattle… the same Seattle that is very famous for Nirvana and the whole grunge-era, right? Fuck that, we’re punk-rockers and to us, the torch bearers of Seattle is HEAD.

This band is legendary, the mystery that surrounds them probably helped to increase their status-quo. If you’re here and reached this line without closing the page, you probably already know why this band is great. So without further delay, we’re proud to announce the first name on the tribute comp:

The Isotopes all the way from Vancouver, Canada. That’s another band that I really love. I had the chance of doing two short tours with them and I can tell you that they are definitely one of the most interesting bands from the last 5 years or so, so you’re probably wondering what song they chose?

They went for I Can See What You Dig which is off of the b-side of the Powerfist 7” ep, you can listen to the original song here:

Now go back and listen to the entire Isotopes discography and tell me how awesome their contribution has to sound?

Bad Religion – Age Of Unreason (2019)

Preorder Edition
Bad Religion – Age Of Unreason (2019) Epitaph

Bad Religion, L’epoca dell’irragionevolezza, quella in cui viviamo. Togliamoci subito via No Control e Suffer: l’album nuovo non è né l’uno né l’altro, sono passati 30 anni e più da quei due pilastri e non avrebbe alcun senso una replica. Se volete quelli ascoltate quelli. I Bad Religion si sono sempre dimostrati padroni assoluti della melodia, delle “ballate punkrock” fin dagli inizi, hanno sempre preso il meglio da altri generi (folk, pop, rock – accelerandoli) e l’hanno convogliato nel contenitore del loro personalissimo punkrock, questo già da Generator in poi.

In copertina la testa spezzata di una statua classica, a bordo di un auto. I tempi moderni che dimenticano il passato, lo denigrano, non lo rispettano, scordano la storia è gli errori già commessi.

E ora pezzo per pezzo, come si deve ad una band che è arrivata al diciassettesimo (!) album in studio senza perdere la voglia, le idee, il divertimento e la genialità. E nemmeno la velocità. In questo album c’è tutto e c’è un po’ di ogni loro precedente album.

Chaos from Within – La bomba di inizio disco, una legnata sulla scia di Sinister Rouge, The Day That the Earth Stalled, 52 Seconds, Change of Ideas. Un ritornello folle, il classico pezzo con cui aprire i concerti e il pubblico impazzisce. E come potrebbe non farlo?

My Sanity – Il pezzo che i Bad Religion sanno fare, sembra molto melodico ma sotto la batteria ti picchia e non te ne rendi conto. Testo emozionante, menzione speciale per la strofa da brividi “There comes a time when you look up to the sky and ask why do my favorite songs always make me cry?”. Cuori in alto e lacrimoni.

Do the Paranoid Style – Che suoni hanno utilizzato in questo lampo di follia? Cori fuori di testa, un ritmo nervoso e serrato con un testo dedicato a complottisti e paranoici. Direttamente dai primi anni 80, meravigliosamente inquietante.

The Approach – “Classico” pezzo da Bad Religion: melodia e assoli che si fondono perfettamente. Il testo è buona parte della loro filosofia, la visione pessimistica che ci ricorda “Nonostante tutte le illusioni ci avviciniamo all’ora più buia”.

Lose Your Head – Pop ragazzi. Questo è un pezzo pop degli anni ’80, senza scherzare. Qui ci sono i Buzzcocks e i Boys e i 999 e l’anima pop del Dr. Graffin si manifesta senza alcun pudore. Ed è subito Top of the pops!

End of History – Ascoltare il ritornello di questo pezzo con cori, controcori, seconde voci: c’è tutto quello che deve esserci in una canzone, una di quelle che ti resta in testa per sempre. Il testo è un’accusa affilata e diretta a chi sta distruggendo e insozzando senza nemmeno pensare a cosa resterà di lui “alla fine della storia”.

Age of Unreason – La title track è apocalittica. Questa canzone in pochi potrebbero scriverla e suonarla, un altro pezzo 100% Bad Religion, con picchi melodici che ricordano uno dei loro pezzi più belli di sempre (Skyscraper).
“But I, as a child who plays for fun with his eye up to the barrel of a gun watch the fools believe as one in this unrepentant age of unreason”. E’ o non è, una poesia punkrock?

Candidate – Qui sta tutto il nuovo album dei nostri. Questo pezzo è NUOVO. Questa non si era mai sentita prima, un inizio sporco, ruvido, solo voce e chitarra acustica, da suonare giù in un angolo buio della metro. Poi si trasforma e parte la ballata, gli assoli di Baker sono magici, il testo è una sputo in faccia al politico finto, l’emblema dello schifo con il makeup in faccia dietro cui nascondere l’ipocrisia.

Faces of Grief – BOOOOOM! Volete No Control? Ecco, questa è caduta dritta fuori da quell’album, tra una Big Bang e una Henchman ed è una granata dritta sugli incisivi. Il basso di Jay qui è pazzia pura, in primo piano come in un pezzo dei Descendents.

Old Regime – Si torna al classico suono, pezzo politico (“La nuova aristocrazia puzza proprio come il vecchio regime”) con melodie killer della coppia d’oro Brett e Greg, cattiveria & cori come un temporale estivo.

Big Black Dog – Fino al ritornello sembra “The Empire Strikes First” – proprio la canzone, non l’omonimo album-. Chitarrone super rock, cani che abbaiano e un testo che è un’altra pugnalata allo schifo odierno (“I maiali devono nutrirsi della loro fetta di pancetta”). Finale bizzarro con un coretto ripetuto con seconda voce femminile che resta fisso nelle orecchie.

Downfall – Anche questo è un pezzo “nuovo”, che non si era mai sentito. Hand-clapping, effettini elettronici per una melodia radiofonica, un singolone che potrebbe piacere anche alle mamme dei punkrockers più brutti. Adorabile, ma non per tutti.

Since Now – Poco più di un minuto e mezzo per questa penultima traccia, veloce, divertente, da dito indice alzato, un bel ritmo. Con questa in auto alzi il volume a palla e acceleri.

What Tomorrow Brings – Così come Chaos from Within è un inizio classico (veloce) questa è la classica chiusura emozionante e che riporta un po’ di speranza all’animo di ascolta, dolce ma veloce, sulla stessa scia di pezzi come Live Again (The Fall of Man), Fields of Mars, In So Many Ways, Changing Tide. Il giusto finale per un album che ha tantissimo da dire, pieno zeppo di idee e su cui riflettere a lungo.

Grazie ragazzi per le emozioni che trasmettete. Ancora. Dopo 40 anni.
“Yeah, they’re promises of what tomorrow brings”…